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Silverware / Utensils

Butter Knife

Butter Knife Afl 0.90

Dessert Fork

Dessert Fork Afl 0.85

Dessert Spoon

Dessert Spoon Afl 0.85

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Dinner fork

Dinner Fork Afl 0.90
Premium Chrome Dinner Fork Afl 1.75

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Dinner knife

Dinner Knife Afl 0.90
Premium Chrome Dinner Knife Afl 1.75

Salad Fork

Salad Fork Afl 0.85

Serving Utilities

Serving Spoon 2.00
Spatel Afl 2.00
Serving Tong (long ) Afl 2.50
Serving Tong (Medium ) Afl 2.00

Soup Spoon

Soup Spoon Afl 0.90
Premium Chrome Soup Spoon Afl 1.75

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Steak Knife

Steak knife Afl 1.00

Tea Spoon

Tea Spoon Afl 0.80

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